Year: 2009

36 Minutes.

Classical and classic-like Habanera – From Bizet’s “Carmen”, ft Jenny Lee Mitchell Final Count – taking off from Chopin’s Piano Sonata #2 Horror-ish Dopplerette Lightless Dawn Spacial Harvest Seventh Seal Also added: – Spring Thaw – Sunset at Glengorm –

The MCND’s Terribly Incomplete Previews & Predictions for 2010

I haven’t yet splurged on that subscription to imdb Pro, which is where the incomplete part comes in. But I’ve crawled the net and found out a little bit about some Movies Yet to Come, and I’ve helpfully gathered it

The MCND Best of the Worst, 2009 edition

Or maybe Worst of the Best? I’m not much good with titles. But all the real critics get to put together reviews of the past year about this time, so here I am, taking a little stroll through Memories of

The Romantics

I get requests for “romantic” music a lot. For me, this seems like an oddly general request – given all of the forms romance takes. Here are a few takes on it… all wildly different. The Parting Resignation Thinking of

Comedic Scenes in Two Flavors

First is the light-hearted sneaky/quiet adventure/hushed argument type of pizzicato string thing… Umbrella Pants Investigations Sneaky Adventure And then the more upbeat oblivious hero kind of comedy thingee… Happy Boy – 2 files, 3 themes.

Mini-Album – Carnival!

I think this is the second mini-album type work I’ve posted, this time inspired by the not-so-shiny side of Coney Island combined with the sadness of the modern traveling carnival. Tenebrous Brothers’ Carnival! There may be more in this series