Organic Meditations

The Organic Meditations – So what does that mean? These were all built on acoustic recordings of real instruments, and not synthesized. It is over 45 minutes of music, all the the same key – so you can fade between them for very very long pieces.
One: Lush strings with bells on top, and a deep deep drum
Two: Thinner brass at the bass, wooden marimba for interest
Three: Piano and cello drones on the bass, piano is also used for melodics

Windswept with sheet music!

Windswept – A relaxed guitar and strings piece for the denouement of a story or exposition of the scenic outdoors. The guitar is peaceful as the strings gently build in prominence. The tempo is regular overall, but slows down in key moments to build a sense of tranquility.
A lot of people have been asking me for sheet music of various pieces. So I’ve decided to start including them here (if they are relevant).
I don’t play guitar, so I don’t know if this is playable – I suspect it is.
Windswept Sheet Music (includes guitar tab!)
If you play guitar, let me know if this is possible. Thanks!!