New Host

For all the people sending me information about hosts, I’ll help you out with some requirements.
I transfer about 10Tb per month of data. I have been kicked off of several “unlimited” hosting service providers in the past – they were saying that “unlimited” means “reasonably unlimited”, but not actually unlimited.
I need access to the httpd.conf file. My site is not exactly simple, there are a lot of things in there that make it work. Providers with “web site builder” software will not work. (e.g. Squarespace)
I need MySQL. Probably. I might be able to end-around this after I get done with Phase Three of local development.
I need perl, and the ability to install additional perl libraries.
I need PHP… but most everyone has that.
So there you go!

Hosting Provider

Well, it had to happen. My long-time hosting provider Joyent is discontinuing the service I have been using to host this site for many many years, and I need to find a new solution.
So, for the next few weeks at least, there will be no more new music posted here while I completely rewrite the site to be more portable and get it to a new provider. I don’t know who I’ll be using yet, and I don’t know how yet, but I will get it done… somehow.

Disco con Tutti

Disco con Tutti (Disco with Everyone)
I’m cleaning off my Desktop and completing a bunch of projects that I started long ago.
This one has been futzed with for a long time. It started out as loops, and I kept needed to do extra things, so the loops were almost all replaced with virtual instruments. There are loops out there from Zero-G that sound almost like this pieceā€¦ but in the end, I just kept that guitar and percussion.

Disco con Tutti

Mining by Moonlight

I wrote this piece as nice a nice background to Duncan’s (lividcoffee) Minecraft videos for the riveting mining scenes. So… if any of you know him, let him know about this…. I can’t seem to get a hold of him.
And I think this is much nicer than all of the mining music he has used thus-far.
Mining by Moonlight