Month: November 2012

getting ahead

Spectacular animation. No more info needed!

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The Pipes is Comin’! and other stuffs

Moorland A somber piece for all of your sheep-infested lands. Moorland Penumbera Not feeling uneasy enough? This’ll help get you in the mood. Penumbra Batty McFadden (revisited) I got a request to redo this piece at a slower tempo. I

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Sidewalk Shade

Sidewalk Shade – the normal version. Sidewalk Shade – the slower version.

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Hidden Agenda

A new featured piece of music; Hidden Agenda! Not a listening tune, but a really good piece to have for when people are sneaking about.

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Blown Away

The title has nothing to do with recent high winds in the Eastern US… This one is available in two versions… the normal one: Blown Away, and a version with just the synths… Blown Away (No Percussion). I think the

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Peace of Mind


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