Month: January 2013

Great Publicity

“Will you score this incredibly complicated action movie I’m filming for my 6th grade film class? It’ll be great publicity for you because my whole class will see it – and you’ll be in the credits!” That’s what I deal

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Plaint (for Bassoon and Harp)

This is a piece for dramatic use when someone is dying or crying or both. The high strained-sounding basson brings a calm tension, and the harp smooths it out a bit while giving some grounding. Plaint There is also a

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Go Cart mixes now live!

Go Cart Go Cart – Drop Mix Go Cart – Loop Mix A beautifully clean piece with a nasty edge. Thanks to everyone who donated for this piece! Cheers. – km

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“Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda” For some reason, I freaking love gorillas. These are some unsettlingly up-close ones… with a cool soundtrack. :-)

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Go Cart – Week 2

A week ago, I posted about a new piece of music that I was going to release, “Go Cart”. I think it is one of the best pieces I’ve done in a while, and it was a direct response to

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The Craigslist Scammer

I’ve not done anything on Craigslist for a long time. Within minutes of my first posting in a while… a scammer shows up. The Craigslist Scammer

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