Great Publicity

“Will you score this incredibly complicated action movie I’m filming for my 6th grade film class? It’ll be great publicity for you because my whole class will see it – and you’ll be in the credits!”

That’s what I deal with all the time. Great publicity and $10 will get me lunch*.

Publicity Guy

If you are a content producer, please do not try to sell “publicity” to anyone. I get the “publicity” sell continuously – and what it generally means is that the product is abysmal.

Professionals understand which projects will increase their profile and which ones will not. No need to mention explicitly.

Now that I’ve annoyed everyone who has ever sold “publicity”, I’m going to go back to my music-hole and work a bit. I’ll probably not get much publicity by doing that, though. hmm…

*Please donate $10 for Kevin’s lunch.

Plaint (for Bassoon and Harp)

This is a piece for dramatic use when someone is dying or crying or both.
The high strained-sounding basson brings a calm tension, and the harp smooths it out a bit while giving some grounding.


There is also a zip file of sheet musics available (all with accompaniment in C):
– Bass Clef in C (One octave off)
– Tenor Clef in C (Bassoon)
– Alto Clef in C (Viol de Gamba – playable as a duet with 2 viols)
– Treble Clef in C (Whatever)
– Treble Clef in Bb (Clarinet)
– Treble Clef in F (English Horn)

Go Cart – Week 2

A week ago, I posted about a new piece of music that I was going to release, “Go Cart”.
I think it is one of the best pieces I’ve done in a while, and it was a direct response to a lot of requests I’ve been getting.

Turns out, the people who were asking for this don’t donate* – quite a surprise, actually!

*The few who did donate are the obvious exception.

Why I’m pushing donations

A few weeks ago, donations hit a low. A major low. A one-donation-per-50,000-people low. That’s terrible, and a bit demoralizing.

So, I figured I’d give donors a premium, and see how popular each piece of music – is all at the same time!

If you don’t like “Go Cart”, you can still donate. Just put in the note that it is not your thing, and I’ll probably not
produce much like this (which is fine by me, because Go Cart was SUPER time consuming!).