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Calculator One!

Calculator One! for iPad. Lots of people don’t know that the iPad doesn’t come with a calculator. If you’ve tried getting a calculator, you will quickly discover the horrors of some developers. The ads, costs, and subscriptions for the most

ContentID Conflicts

Several users have alerted me to issues surrounding a particular publisher claiming copyright on my music. Dance-All-Day ( has claimed (and released) Elf Meditation and Deep Relaxation on my own channel. It seems Cristian Tuerk and Artur Mas recorded themselves

The LEGO Piano. What song is it trying to play?

The LEGO Group made a beautiful Grand Piano (set #21323). In one mode, you can set it to play music like a player piano. It always plays a fixed tune on the keys, even though you hear different music. This

A New Era in Boxes?

Recently, reports have come in (Thanks, Tim S and Barry!) of new amazon box sizes. The 20 and the 70. While Amazon Box 20 appears to be a replacement for the aging but popular A3 box, Amazon Box 70 is

Podcasts about the FUTURE!

I’m trying very hard to live in the future. A future where I don’t need to touch light switches because the room knows what kind of light is needed. A future where copyright is reasonable. A future where transportation doesn’t

Patreon Drive!

Incompetech is a stupid website. It is such a stupid site that no one in their right mind would start it today. But here it is, and it is still getting better! (There is quite a lot of room for