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Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

Downloadable and very printable, I find these PDFs extremely useful.

Triangle / Rhombus / Hexagonal

Triangle Graph Paper Preview

Equilateral Triangle

Isometric Triangle PDF Generator

Octagonal Graph Paper Preview


Octagon PDF Generator

Hexagonal Graph Paper Preview


Hexagonal PDF Generator

Hex Dot Graph Paper Preview

Hex Dot

1/2" between closest dots. Black
1/2" between closest dots. Grey
1/4" between closest dots. Black
1/4" between closest dots. Grey
Centimeter diameter. (Tiny dots) Black
Centimeter diameter. (Tiny dots) Grey
Centimeter diameter. (Tiny dots) Graph Blue

Isometric Dots Graph Paper Preview


Like grid dots, but every other row is offset by half. These are not equalteral triangles.

Tumbling Block Graph Paper Preview

Tumbling Block - Trapezoid

Tumbling Block PDF Generator

Diamond Trapezoid Graph Paper Preview

Diamond - Trapezoid

Diamond - Trapezoid PDF Generator

Triangle Dots Graph Paper Preview

Equilateral Triangle Dots

Equilateral Triangle PDF Generator

Semi-Bisected Trapezoid Graph Paper Preview

Semi-bisected Trapezoid

Semi-Bisected Trapezoid PDF Generator

Every other trapezoid is bisected into triangles. This is used for sketching piping and wiring diagrams for factory machinery. If you want this in landscape format, simply set your page size to wider than it is tall (e.g. 11x8.5).

Variable Triangle Graph Paper Preview

Variable Triangle

Variable Triangle PDF Generator