First Post

This catagory is for listing people who are using my music in their projects. Today I have 2 new listings and an update.
Update – Movie: Forfeit
A film about a guy in Oshkosh trying to have fun… despite being in Oshkosh used a few pieces of my music, and was awarded 3rd place at “Films on the Fox”! They plan to enter it into other festivals.
Congrats to Erik Cieslewicz and the crew.
New – Video Game: Easter Bonus
Sort of a puzzle, switcher, matcher game with a bunny theme. My music is only in levels 5 and 13 (and every eight after that) – but it is a fun game, and I wasted a few hours on it.
It is Windows-only for the big version. There is apparently also a Flash version…
New – Audio Book: Serenity
A 6-hour long audio book with piano music wall-to-wall. I’ll get these guys some more solo material if I have some time, and am feeling particularly ‘serene’.