More Weddings, and a mysterious Podcast

Three new piano solos Continue Life, Spring Fields, Midsummer Sky.
Theme, stingers and bridges Enigma for a podcast.

The piano solos were commissioned from to be used in slideshows. They were expected to be “happy, with a sense of expectancy”. The result? “Spot On”. Yay!
I did seven pieces in all. All with the same direction, and all exactly 1 minute 54 in length. I wrote them over the course of 3 days so they wouldn’t sound too similar to each other. And I can say – 7 is a lot of pieces to make that have very similar feels, but should sound different.
So – I can’t make any more of these anytime soon. :-) (I still have 2 sketches that I didn’t produce, but they were the weakest of the bunch).
As for “Enigma”. That one was interesting. I received a request to do the theme music for a puzle-based podcast. “Upbeat and mysterious”. Well… those elements are tough to mix… so I decided to try. What you hear is the result (plus a few strings). The track is not one continuous piece – It was meant to be chopped into 6 parts of varying length to be used in different segments.