New Piano – Parting of the Ways

Two new piano solos are now available; Parting of the Ways, and Parting of the Ways Part 2.

In the midst of several people requesting more piano solos, I decided to bring up a couple of long pieces today. I guess I haven’t done many new ones in months.
Typically, I try to get to the musical punch in a timely manner. I’m impatient that way. However – most of the time, these piano pieces are used as backdrops for very very long projects. While you could just grab a bunch of them – changing the style every 2 or 3 minutes can become jarring.
These pieces have very long development times, and are assumed to be part of a larger whole…
Parting of the Ways
This is a 12 note melody drawn out, and drawn out, and drawn out. Really, the only thing running through my head in this piece was “take…. your…. time…”. The title is for no other reason than a few friends are watching Doctor Who right now. I’ve already seen it, though. :-)
Parting of the Ways – Part 2
This piece is so titled because… see above. Like the last one – this is one of those “hit record” -> Publish pieces, but on this one I had a few notes I was looking at. It was this: “a D C g” – A minor, D major / C major, G minor. Stunning… I know.
Here’s the story on the chords; if you’re a lover of music theory (and who isn’t?) you learn pretty early on that in the key of A minor, the related “iv” chord is also minor. Not here. I made it major. It lends a sort of dreamy quality to the piece. When it goes into the related major (C Major) the V chord should be major (V chords are almost always major), but I made it minor.
Doesn’t this just suck out all the magic?
Well – that gives it a sort of “powerful” feel that complements the dreamy thing we started with. To further emphasize that – the C/g minor sectons are also loud. I mean pounding loud.
So there you are; 16 minutes of simple piano in 18 minutes (I spent two minutes correcting 2 errant F#s.)