Cool Blast and Drama

Three new pieces today, and a new section (again).

Cool Blast was put together as a “sound-alike” for a piece from Lemon Jelly. It isn’t really a sound-alike, it is more a similar feel at the same tempo. It was commissioned by – and is set to accompany a British Sign Language fingerspelling video. In any event – I listened to the “source” piece once and took just 3 notes: Jazzy / Dancy / 124 BPM.
When listening to mine and the original side by side – mine is somehow both smoother and more harsh. I may have missed the point.
I had to open a new section for just plain drama. Lots and lots of people use my music for their movies, and I’m writing a lot of cues to specific pieces which I’ve not been posting. Previously – I’ve only posted pieces that hang together in and of themselves.
I would not listen to the “drama” things on their own. They weren’t written for that.
Comment or email me if you think more of these would be useful. I have a backlog of these I could prep for the site if there is interest. I’ve got fight sequences, mood pieces, crecendos… uhhh… lots.