Goth and Goth

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Project Of The Day!
Score for a Gothic, yet Modern drama. You ever hear of Goth music? If so – you were one up on me. I gave it a shot anyway… having no clue what it was supposed to sound like. It is like saying “I’m going to do an impressionistic painting” without haveing the slightest clue what that means.
When I think Gothic, I think Baroque. But after the last fuge I did… I won’t be toughing that for a while, so I had a little “song” that worked well on harpsichord, and decided to build off of that. For the modern parts, I blended a semi-techno, solid bass, and hard guitar. The result is unlike anything I’ve ever heard… probably with good reason.
Anarchist, anachronism… “Anachronist”
Then I actually heard the drama for which the piece was meant. It was as though I had brought a duck to a dental convention. It didn’t work, it didn’t fit, it wasn’t even remotely applicable. What they wanted was dark atmoshperic…. a far cry from modern-baroque fusion.
So I went to work on that – which by the way is a LOT easier.
Technical note:
I’m back to mp3 encoding (320kbps). Can one hear the difference between that and full on lossless? Yes. But it is close. Really REALLY close. So close that you have to strain to tell the difference. And unlike the 256kbsp encoding I’ve done previously – the difference doesn’t get in the way of the feel at all. I’m now encoding things on a case-by-case basis… if the mp3 really doesn’t sound right – I’ll go lossless.
These pieces have my Quality Seal of Approval.

2 comments on “Goth and Goth
  1. Kreon says:

    I dont know if it is useful for you or not but i think this could be interesting for you:

  2. Kevin says:

    Well, actually it isn’t all that applicable. None of the 128kbps encodings are really good at reproducing the music exactly. They ARE good at compressing the music into reasonably small packages for fast download and previews.
    It would be nice to see high bit-rate comparisons to the 44.1 or 48khz masters. That’s what I’m using as a standard – not a meg-per-minute compressed thing. File size matters somewhat – but true reproduction matters more.