Recently, my site has been upgraded in the Google rankings. I’m now number 8 for “Royalty free music”. I’ve been getting a super duper big pile of requests recently. I’m trying to keep up with everything, but it is taking some time, and I probably need to change the site to make the FAQs more prominent.
As a general rule, if you really need me to respond to something – KEEP BUGGING ME. It is perfectly acceptable. Also, donating money will get my attention. Seeing how many files are being downloaded, I should ask for money more.
So, please send money. I write music for a living; and I’d like to continue doing that.
– Kevin

4 comments on “Googled
  1. Brian Lemin says:

    Very glad for you Kevin. We at the Newcastle Video Moviemakers club have been doing our bit to support you.
    You are great value.
    Loved the 16 minute black keys number. Videomakers need a few long tracks.
    Put a guy on to you not 5 minutes ago! :)

  2. George says:

    I love your music and please carry on! I’m using your music for my british sign language videos!My friend & I are very pleased with your composing!
    Keep going!
    George & Keziah (15, London)

  3. Kevin says:

    Just to clarify for y’all… the really long recording isn’t covered under the Creative Commons License. You can use it if you want – just don’t attach my name to it. It really is just me practicing…

  4. Zara says:

    I had to do double takes when I saw this site. I kept looking for the small print that asks for money in order to be able to use the music.
    It’s very touching to see true romance and someone with great love for their art, who is brave enough not to submit to the pressures of a highly commercial world today. For that alone, makes me want give from the heart to someone who composes music from the heart. I’m not rich at the moment but I hope I undertake projects one day that are big enough to compensate everybody involved and in which you can be rewarded fairly also.