Falcon Byron TV Flash!

Audio Dramas: The Falcon Banner
New Episode online; #5. It has music that I composed for eps 2 and 4 in it – because I didn’t have the time to provide a full new score. Very nice edits. I’m really into this story – but the book is $18 plus shipping… Maybe I’ll get it if I’m super impulsive one of these days.
Audio Dramas: Byron Chronicles
Remember when I said I was busy? I was doing some of these. Episodes 1 and 2 are online. Ep 2 is hilarous.
Uh… I’m not sure what this is exactly (internet-based media channel?), but it has some of the same score from the Byron Chronicles in it.
Website: http://www.kennewick-man.com/
Somewhere on this site there is a presentation with my music… I’ve not found it yet. Oh well.