Help me out…

I am in the process of finding a new Web Host provider for my audio files. One might think this is an easy process… one would be wrong. I need 5 Gig of storage and 500 Gig of transfer per month. If you know of someone who has a plan like that – please let me know.
In the meanwhile, I apologize to all the people who are having a hard time downloading music from me. I’ve quantified and cataloged the problem, but my hosting provider’s support staff refuses to believe it is a problem.
I am working to find a new host as soon as possible.

2 comments on “Help me out…
  1. You have probably tried these already, but these ISPs have tons of bandwidth at low prices and the customer reviews seem OK:
    I know this because I spent yesterday looking for a new ISP. My current ISP only allows 500 MB / month, but when my game is completed the demo will be 200 MB, so if 1000 people download the demo, 500 MB just won’t be enough.
    I got the customer reviews from
    Of all the comparison sites they seemed to be the most helpful.

  2. Patrick says:

    If you don’t mind doing a self managed why don’t you look at a dedicated server. I currently have one with for over about two years and have had no problems. They have a dedicated with an 80GB disk and 1500GB Bandwidth for $75/mo.
    And if you are not comfortable with setting up the server then you can always get a control panel ( DirectAdmin is cheap and nice ).