More ways to measure time

Monthy Calendars now have 2 new options to measure time; Inset day of year, and week numbers!
Many people from many countries have wanted the week numbers, and they appear to be a hit. They’re more complicated than you might think – and they are calculated differently depending on whether your week starts on Monday or Sunday. They should always give you the week number that you expect for your local calendar.
There are additional features, as well. The line drawing has been optimized, and the PDF file proper is compressed to about 25% of the old files’ size. It is also faster. Thank you all for your patience, and enjoy!
Special thanks to Ivan who did all the work!

One comment on “More ways to measure time
  1. Wendy Raines says:

    How about making a two page per week printable calendar. there is not enough writing room on a monthly calendar(as it is now) for daily scheduling. Thanks!