Electronica Jam

Two new pieces today. Both electronica dance, and completely dissimilar.

I wrote these both a possible sketches for an upcoming film I’m scoring. Shiny Tech is a full-bore happy peppy dance/techno piece. Were it a real techno piece – it would probably be three times longer than it is. The themes are introduced and killed off as quickly as possible to allow for fast development. I recommend!
In a Heartbeat, on the other hand is a nasty piece of music. It is hardcore ugly and produced to be very very loud. By “nasty”, I don’t mean it is bad. It is gritty and grating… the kind of things the kids are into these days. This piece has quite an effect on my affect. After about 4 hours of working on various blips and screams – I was downright angry.
Yes, music can make me angry. This is not a surprise, but it does make one lose perspective. I wasn’t quite sure if it was good – or if it just made me angry because it was not good. I’m pretty sure there will be another version of this piece… there is just something about the structure that is unbalanced right now. Of course, that may just add to the anger – so maybe it is a good thing. We’ll see.
Also, I found out that quite a few people subscribe to the RSS feed on this site… Thanks, everyone – keep the feedback coming!