House Cleaning Part One

I have a lot of music hanging out on my PC. iTunes informs me there are 1146 pieces that I wrote weighing in at 1.7 days, and 11+ gig. This is not the entirety of my stuff. I have a lot of projects that I started, and never made it quite to the end. To rectify the situation, I started putting finishing touches on things I started over 4 years ago. And that’s a chunk of what’s available in this update.
In Electronica I’ve added: Misuse, Thinking Out Loud, Cognitive Dissonance, The Way Out, Long Time Coming, and Overriding Concern.
In Rock, I added Aitech.
Peppy Pepe is a new contemporary piano piece.
Peppy Pepe in Latin.
Exotics in unclassifiable.
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies in holiday.
None of the compositions are really new – just unreleased. The new ones are starting to pile up as well… I’ll get them online when I can!