Month: February 2007

Massive drums and Light fun

A bit of warning for this first piece. The bass is very heavy. It will punch you in the gut and blow out your speakers if you turn it up too much. You’ll get about 30 seconds before it hits…

Amazing Grace

See? Sometimes we do get limited release films around here. At least I think this one’s still only in limited release. I’m not sure about that sort of thing anymore. But the theatre was packed. Just as the previews started,

Ghost Rider

Now this time was a really difficult decision. On the one hand, we have confessed comic geek Nicholas Cage finally fulfilling his dream of portraying a Marvel character, and on the other, Chris Cooper playing one of those fascinating morally

Tibet, Ireland, and Germany

Interesting day today. I continue to play with my new world music samples, and I got a request for Wagner. Wagner? Who requests Wagner? Well… she didn’t know she was requesting Wagner, she wanted a recording of that traditional wedding

Celtic Demo

Just picked up a new pack for Garageband that has some nice world music samples in it. I’m still learning how to use it – but I’ve had requests for various ethnic musics which I’ve been unable to do until

Hannibal Rising

It’s really more like Hannibal sinking into the depths of depravity, but that’s not as good a title. Our story begins in 1941, in Lithuania, of all places. No, Hannibal isn’t a Lithuanian name, nor is Lecter, but there we