Month: March 2007

The Lookout

This time there is a “the”. Except the title is meant to refer to main character Chris Pratt, and he never actually is a lookout. More a hapless distraction. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (from Third Rock from the Sun, now attempting to


Not the shooter, just shooter. Really, Shooting would be a more accurate title, because that’s what happens most here. Everyone has a gun! I must be the only person in the U.S. who doesn’t have a gun these days. I

The Show

For one of my spare-time projects, I did a rock theme for a podcast by Paul Hughes. So, here’s the opener! Welcome to the Show Rock. 4 minutes, 42 seconds

Major Overhaul: Impact – none

Ok, if everything went well, you should notice no difference in how you get music from my site. However, it is all changed. The backend is a full-blown database, which means easier updates for me, and more music online in


When you go to the theatre every week, you can bet that you stay up-to-date on all the latest trailers. I’d seen the preview for this film several times, and it looked good — even Yahoo movies told me I’d

Smooth Electronics

Deliberate Thought This is a very round analog piece with a subtle choir. Keep listening. They’re in there!