I was watching the latest episode of InDigital with Wil, Jessica, and Hahn and thinking… “You know? That music is ‘ok’ but it isn’t perfect.” It should be more of a fusion of straight-up rock (with a little clean funk), and crisp electronica. There are people talking about tech. Get it? The people are represented by the rock, and… ok, you get it.
Not only that, but the music should sound reasonable at low levels, and not stomp out the human vocal range.
It should be exciting and peppy without being blatant about it. So, a super fast tempo – that doesn’t sound rushed.
And it needs to be long and loopable… for folks who can’t get a review accomplished in four minutes. :-)
So those were my requirements for this project, and here is the result: Tech Talk
A strong ending would be good… but I didn’t hit that one here. It ends fine, but at low levels you don’t get the subtlety of the guitar fading out. Are you listening editors? Crank the ending if you use the ending!