Next week: Live from the 2007 Wisconsin Film Festival!

Okay, ‘live’ isn’t exactly the word, but I will be there, watching all sorts of foreign and independent films that you will probably never see at your local theatre. So I’ll be reporting from there next weekend, though probably a little late, and you won’t be getting any reviews from me of of Halle Berry netsexing in Perfect Stranger or the kids running around Disturbia. I have a hunch that anyone wanting to see the latter should just rent Rear Window instead, actually, though I’ll bet David Morse does a great deranged villain.
In other news, I saw a trailer for 28 Weeks Later today. Now, I like 28 Days Later. I own the DVD. And I was very excited to see the huge cardboard display they had in the theatre lobby. But I’m nervous. Not only do they not have any actors from the first film, they’ve added two adorable children in danger and a bunch of random Americans, since apparently the English can’t handle rebuilding their own country. Also conspicuously absent are the director and writer of the first film, at least in those capacities — they’re both listed as executive producers for the new one. It does at least have Idris Elba (see my review of The Reaping) playing one of the random Americans, but still.
Very, very nervous.