Month of Music

Here was the plan. 50 pieces of music in one month. Well, that was the plan… the NEW plan is one piece of music every day. Keeping up the former pace was causing me too much stress for a stupid challenge.
Today is the 6th, so here’s the first 6 pieces:

  • Artifact Neat African hybrid

  • Aretes Written for a documentary on glaciers – “a cross between Windham Hill and Enya”

  • Bach’s Cello Suite #1 Prelude As performed on a dulcimer. I always thought this would work well.

  • Fenster’s Explanation Your standard-type musical number for a female lead.

  • Gearhead Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! All your Hard Rockin’ Prayers are answered!

  • Riptide This is another rock piece… written for a different documentary… on a subject that had nothing to do with rock music. But that’s why there are large gaps in guitar (much narration).

There you have it! The Month of Music hath begun! Just 25 more pieces to go…