Month: August 2007

The Invasion

…of the Body Snatchers, 2007 style. This is a remake, though of course they don’t make a big deal of that. No one ever really expects remakes to be as good as the original, somehow, even though in this case,


The movie industry keeps doing this to me. Some weekends I absolutely can’t decide between two films, and other weekends, there’s just nothing new out there that I’m getting paid enough to see. Actually, I’m hardly getting paid at all,

Rush Hour 3

And strangely, no catchy subtitle. But Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are back, after six years, and Hollywood’s hoping to make lots of money off of them once again. Originally the talk was that they’d film Rush Hour 3 and

Heaping Pile Update

What happens when I don’t post for a month? Too much. Today’s offerings include bits from a film, 2 animation projects, 3 stage shows, and some odds and ends. From the feature film – a pile of piano solos: Clear

The Bourne Ultimatum

Jason Bourne rides again! And runs, and jumps, and shoots, and steals cars — you know the drill. You don’t really have to have seen the first two movies to watch this one, so long as you know the basics,