Short Update

I’ve been doing lots these last couple weeks. But not much made it up here… including 2 musicals. But here’s a small pile of things…
NewsSting – a simple news-y intro
Eyes Gone Wrong – an intense but reserved transition
Disco Sting – 1980’s Style intro
Darkness Speaks – unsettling transition
Bama Country – Taken as a request for a super rural country tune. It is listed as “Unclassifiable” just because I have only one country piece available. Nice fiddle, though the tremolo run didn’t turn out as well as I’d have liked.
Vibe Ace – Cool, cool hybrid
Folk Round – Sort of… medieval campfire-like.
Colossus – Ahh… this one’s cool… in that theatrical epic sense. You need to listen at least through one minute 52 seconds.