Redoing Other People’s Music

Last night, I went to see Saltimbanco from Cirque du Soleil. While the acts were fine, the music was very dated, and often not appropriate to the performances. For me – it detracted from the show quite a bit (though I will say most people enjoyed it, as it got a standing ovation).
This music replaces the music in the hand balancing act. Power, precision, and grace, yeah? Not exactly Sunday jazz in the park. [original after the jump]
What can one person do about this? Answer? iPod. I rescored one act last night for a couple of friends of mine who were going to see it today.
So take your iPod along, and hit ‘play’ when the people in white tophats rush downstage.
Hand Balance Redux. The timing might get off near the end… as I obviously can’t play this live for you.
If this goes over well, I might rescore the whole show, so let me know what you think!

Cirque’s live music consisted of 2 keyboardists, guitar, bass, drums, and one guy who doubled on soprano and tenor sax. So the piece I did, I scored for 5 musicians kit (with MIDI triggers), percussionist (concert toms), 2 keyboards (Running Logic and Mainstage), and violin. (It will also need a tech to run the drum triggers.)
Hear the original here: