Month: March 2008


Today, I tried to search on’s box codes and sizes. I started a page: A Catalog of Box Sizes It needs help, though. If you have a box (with the Amazon logo on it) – please take a

on Choosing instrumentation for a Project

and some of the pieces mentioned in the clip, and a pile more Silent Film Score – Keystone Deluge, Water Droplets on the River African – Monkoto World – Expeditionary, Arid Foothills Classical – A Little Faith, Mourning Song Soundtrack

Basic Rant

I know what you’re thinking… “I’ve been on the intercom all day and have not read a useless rant about something inane… like furniture delivery.” Well, friends – look no further! I do not expect reasonable furniture delivery to come

The Bank Job

Okay, first things first: Two mini-micro reviews, since I’ve been so neglectful of late. Vantage Point: The whole idea here is that looks deceive, and they were right — the previews made this look like a good movie. And The

Long, Short, and Broad

Long Note Three Back on Track Bumbly March Majestic Hills