Month: September 2008

Eagle Eye

Someone’s probably watching you right now. In this day and age, we all know that. Thanks to cameras the size of gnats and the general paranoia of the 21st century, if you live in a city that has the internet

Lakeview Terrace

It’s only sort of a terrace, and there’s no lake around anywhere that I could see, but that’s the name of the place. And the movie isn’t actually the action-packed, how-will-they-survive thriller the previews imply, either. But Samuel L. Jackson

Welcome to the Show

Hey! “Welcome to the Show” is used to intro a Will Ferrell video! See more Will Ferrell videos at Funny or Die A credit would have been nice. …just saying… :-)

3 very interesting pieces

3 new pieces going up today. I call them interesting because ALL 3 are under the unclassifiable genre. Go have a listen! Danse of Questionable Tuning Impromptu for Pianoforte and Beatbox Texture for Violincello

New traditional and non-traditional musics

Two new pieces are now available, go have a listen! Cool Intro – a short intro Double O – an electronic piece – not quite glitchy