Month: October 2008


Ok, I get it. Facebook is cool. I’m there.

Max Payne

The Movie Critic Next Door™: Watching the Bad Movies so You Don’t Have To. And yes, this one was really bad. Not that I expect much from a movie based on a video game, but even with low expectations it


Longtime readers (Hey, you never know, I might have a few of those) may recall that I described Sunshine as being a little like 28 Days Later in space, because so many of the same people worked on both films.


As Halloween nears, and the midnight hour draws close at hand, here are 2 dark pieces: (sorry, can’t rhyme) Road to Hell A slow dark piece if there ever was one. Decay For once, the title really does explain it


Pure Attitude Starting out with only synths, it moves to a heavy orchestral-electronic mix. Very nice. BlockMan Written for a side-scroll retro video game, this piece also introduces some very new elements. Blipotron Intro of a nasty distorted bass, this