Month: January 2009


If you thought Daniel Craig was being too ruthless as James Bond, you’d better stay away from this movie. He’s still got the machine gun, still got the pretty girl, but he’s kind of even colder here. Of course, this

True Previews

True music previews are starting to come online now. These are very small mono previews (about one tenth the size of the big downloads). Everything should have a preview available by January 21st (about 6 hours after this posting). Cheers,

3 Pieces: Soundtrack Tuesday!

The Whip The Whip (Extended Version) This theme was designed for “The Whip” podcast, located at Its an intense, driving hip piece. Starts off with an awesome drum roll, and then continues all the way through with rocking guitar.

3 more pieces!

Dirt Rhodes A slow blues piece with prominent kit. Great to use as a backdrop for a scene since it has a long fade out at the end. Great, “cool” sounding piece. With a Creation An experimental piece designed to

Gran Torino

Before I went into this movie, I wasn’t quite clear on what a Gran Torino was. I mean, I knew it was some kind of old car model, but apparently it’s a Classic Car, the kind that makes people itch

Musical Mother Load

Vulcan A mysterious piece featuring a disjunct flute melody juxtaposed with two lower warbling flutes. Also featured are triangles, bells and low drums. The texture stays constant throughout. This piece sounds otherworldly and could work underscoring intergalactic travel. It could