Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre from Saint Saens. Opus 40.
Here’s some awful facts about this recording…
Originally written in 1874.
52 page score.
478 measures long.
13 sections. (spooky)
13,950 notes were entered for this piece*.
48 virtual instruments were used.
Somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 hours to assemble this over the course of 9 days.
I think this is the last crazy project like this I’ll be doing for a while.
Let me know if you like it… I could seriously use some encouragement after that beast.
(and yes, I know exactly all of the places that don’t sound quite right, thanks. :-)
* There are fewer than 13,000 notes in the printed score, but you end up with more because of tremolos, trills, and part doubling.