The Danse

I’ve decided to start sharing a project in progress, and a rather nasty one at that.
For some reason, I’ve wanted to record Danse Macabre from Saint-Saens.
Here’s what it sounded like after about 4 hours…

I started with pizzicato violin… and a lot of other pizz from the string sections…
Then I figured my working method was impossible – and started entering notes from the score, instead of from that I was listening to.
I know, in retrospect – the other way is crazy. Turns out the opening was indeed a harp!
I couldn’t get the turns to work with my flute sample, so I didn’t even put them in.

Dun DUN!
I still don’t know if I’ll be able to get the resonance on the violin open double stops.
Am I speaking English?

And… just a few hours ago – to measure 101 or thereabouts.
I replaced the flute, and but back in the ornaments. It is better, but still bad… and I think I have to double check my notes in the pizzicato section around 45 seconds in… something feels wrong there.

Onward to Measure 502! Estimated arrival time… end of the month.
I’m such an optimist.