New music of wide assortment.

Often the things I post are unrelated, except having been written at a similar time. These pieces are so unrelated, I’m having a hard time thinking that I made all of them… much less made them all within days of each other.
Padanaya Blokov – Slightly humorous electro-folk. I listen to this one over and over – so sayeth the play count in iTunes. For some reason, it doesn’t get old to me. Consider it for a video game background.
Symbiosis – Gorgeous Steinway grand piano played at unreasonably soft levels, progressing to a relationship with a pure electronic percussion instrument.
Petulant March – There is a preset sound in Logic by the name of “Kronky Organ”. What would one do with a Kronky Organ? Well… this sort of thing.
Unpromised – Beautiful and austere. Solo boy vocalist and harp with slight percussion, joined by a bass flute.
Lamentation – for solo harp. Impromptu.