Month: January 2010

Musical Preview

The opening piece to Black Peter – The musical was just put online! Check it out – it is a decent performance, and will be coming to an Off Off Broadway venue in New York later this year!

Epics and Orchestrals… and also Bach

Agnus Dei X – everyone’s favorite part of the Latin mass. Rich-beyond-reason arrangement. Second Coming – no percussion – lush orchestra-only mix. Ranz des Vaches – that one morning tune from the cartoons… from Rossini. Very well produced, if I


Themes involving the Christian religion? Check. Filmed largely in the brownness of New Mexico? Check. Denzel Washington? Negative. I guess two out of three isn’t bad, but it isn’t good, either. Not that Paul Bettany is a bad actor —

The Book of Eli

There isn’t a biblical book of Eli, so the Hughes brothers decided to create one. Denzel Washington is what the other characters call a Walker. It’s been thirty years since the Great War was ended by the Flash, and I

Not on the Map

This is a giant 48 minute piece. It is super ambient, and very simple. Due to its large size, this piece will not make it into my main catalog. Please feel free to redistribute this piece to anyone for any


The soundtrack to the film (that doesn’t exist yet). Ghostpocalypse Departure – atmospheric The Call – rhythmic Road of Trials – melodic Temptress – melodic with percussion Apotheosis – rhythmic Crossing the Threshold – melodic Master – very rhythmic Epilog