Month: June 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Pinball Spring Available in 116 and a frantic 160 beats per minute. Tafi Maradi Available with and without voices.

Leo Laporte

The president and current king of the internet Leo Laporte today announced that his stinger for himself was sort of lame… certainly not up to his regal standards. Here’s a shot at a better one. Leo! Leo Laporte! Leo, if

More Silent Film!

When I started to refresh the silent film music a few days ago, I attempted some research, and found that I was #2 in google. So, being an internet authority on the subject – I just did more! :-) 10

Holy Free Music!

My friend Frank Nora just released about SEVEN HOURS of totally free music. SEVEN HOURS of totally free music!!! No fees, no restrictions, no need to attribute – awesome crazy retro fun! Get it here! Get it today. Download it

Early Music

Rites – church-type chants Thatched Villagers – happy loop Old Road – early duet Yeah, I’ve been playing “We Rule”… needed some different background music.

Waltzes, Etc.

Rains Will Fall – a waltz Court of the Queen – another waltz Failing Defense – not at all a waltz