Some suggestions already ready!

Would also like to send you $5 if I could just send a check to your address or p.o. box — don’t like putting my credit card online
There’s a nice donation page available here with all that info. Donations!
(Quick note, please don’t send me checks from other countries, even if they are money orders, and even if they are in USD. My bank hates these, and it just never works)
Is there any kind of music that you wanted – but had to go to another source to find?
More blues.
Here’s a sort of blues boogie that I did this week: Hustle
heartland real rock
Simple 2-person rock: Breakdown (not sure if this qualifies as heartland, but it seems to)
And maybe this one (2 basses and drums!) Raw
Sound effects and Orff, Mozart
First sound effects: I don’t do them… but another user recommended
Orff. He was really recent. None of his music will come into the Public Domain until 2053 (give or take). No one will be able to offer his music for free for a long, long, long time.
Mozart. I’m actually working on this – hopefully, I’ll have new recordings up by the end of the month. Mozart is sufficiently dead to offer his music for free.
Cheers, all!