Month: April 2011

Crane Request

Marie-An Nguyen requested a piece for her animation of self-folding cranes. Done

Another Request

Mr. Jones wanted a tasteful version of Amazing Grace for use in funerals. Done UPDATE – 11pm. Eric Henning wanted a Victorian piece on music box to cold open a magic show. Done

For Composers

If you are a composer, and you’re looking to get into music for video games and other mobile applications, but don’t know where to start – my friend Ben Long wrote an ebook with a roadmap to help you out.

Who’s your favorite composer?

[[ post about sending me requests… ]] — Update: April 20, 2am – Kaolin Fire requested music for a flash video game, Cupid’s Revenge. Done. Update: April 20, 6pm – Mr. Tenk and Kia Geraths requested some music in the

Feeling Political?

Here’s a way to kickstart your very own reggae political album. Just add words. Montego Mandeville Yallahs

Attention Canberrites!

I recently recieved one of the few pieces of art I own from Ian Henderson. The painting is of the back fence to our property (no comments about the state of the fence!) from the lane behind, and with my