Month: July 2011


Thanks to Matt Riley for finding this… In the “documentary”, Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?, they used at least one of my pieces of music (Zombie Hoodoo). You can watch it on Netflix, though I don’t recommend watching anything

Not sure what these are

These are both synth-heavy pieces… Wallpaper is round and bouncy. Cipher is lush and catchy. The mix has some headroom in it – I recommend you turn it up to get hit in the chest with the kick drum. I

Other Music!

Yeah, I can’t do everything. I do have a new sponsor who does quite a bit more. Bonus points for human readable licenses. If you’ve looked at sites that advertise “300,000 Tracks!” or whatnot, you’re probably aware – that’s not


Presenterator – New music for powerpoint presentation.

Fiverr Experiment is an interesting site. There are a bunch of things you can get for $5. What did I get? This: I will record an excellent guitar solo for your music within 24 hours for $5 The result is the

Game Loops!

Today! Today only! Four pieces of music that were sitting on my desktop unfinished for a long time because they weren’t going anywhere… So I turned them into pieces that are designed to not go anywhere… Game Loops! You can