Big Announcement – Sort of.

Yesterday, I made a bunch of new music in the style of late 70s / early 80s bad sci-fi.
Rather than posting it all here, I decided to release that music into the Public Domain.
Exciting, huh?

Public Domain confuses people. Especially on a site known for Royalty-free music. So I opened up a new site that has only Public Domain music on it.
Please Be Nice to the new site; Do not download the entire catalog today.
If the site is offline when you read this – Someone tried to download too much at once, and it was shut down.
There are about 400 pieces of music up there. Many of them are very similar to each other. You don’t need them all right now.
If you would like them all – email me, and I’ll get you on a list and send you a giant zip file sometime within a week or whenever I can get my act together. (it is like 2.6 gig – so also email me if you know how to move a file that big to a bunch of people)
70s Sci-Fi in the Public Domain