Music plus YouTube update

yes, music…
First off, a beautiful drone synth piece: Mirage
And next, continuing on the epic trail of “Five Armies”, a bit of the aftermath: Death of Kings
And a bit of a clarification on what’s going on with the YouTube situation.
Here is the general problem: other publishers are claiming my music as theirs, and causing all sorts of panic by totally well-meaning content creators.
The problems are with very few pieces: Frost Waltz, Shiny Tech, Clenched Teeth, and pieces from Satie and Bach. If you avoid those pieces – you probably won’t ever have any issues.
I’ve sent all of the information that I can to a rep at YouTube. He said that the publishers in question (the ones claiming my original music) are in violation of their contract and will be required to remove the pieces from the Content ID system.
The publishers who are claiming the public domain music I’ve recorded (Satie and Bach) are a little trickier. My guess is that they will be warned to actually CHECK each time a false match is contested.
I will let you know more when I hear more.