Month: May 2012

Dungeon Music for Video Game-like Things

8-Bit Dungeon 8-Bit Dungeon Level 8-Bit Dungeon Boss Video Dungeon Video Dungeon Crawl Video Dungeon Boss Smells like minecraft in here.

4 Atmospherics

Four pretty interesting atmospheric pieces. Controlled Chaos (2 versions) Ice Demon Static Motion Thunder Dreams Enjoy!

Blobby Samba!

Blobby Samba I don’t care if you don’t like this one. It was really fun. :-)

The White Room

Video Marketing for Dummies!

Hey all you video people, who do videos for people and for yourself. There is a new book out. And it is good. I met with the authors, and they are fine people. And they know what they’re doing, and


Ug! This release took way too long. I did it and reverted the project, and redid it and reverted, and ended up with days of work that resulted in no changes. It was done well at the start – and