Bass and Sentiment and Beethoven

Reunited – If your reuniting scene goes on longer than this – you’re editing it wrong. :-)

Bass Walker – Just a basic utility track. You know if you need it.

Last year I (and a lot of other people) donated some money to MusOpen so they could go record some music with a real orchestra and release the recordings into the Public Domain.
Well, they did! MusOpen released the project files for anyone to mix and play with. And I did.
This is one of my all time favorite pieces “Egmont Overture” from Mr. Beethoven.
This is not a normal “classical mix”… because others will do those. This is a cinematic mix.
How can you tell?
Well, the stereo field is super duper wide.
All of the instruments are closely mic’ed.
There is room ambiance, but not a lot.
The string section are eq’ed so you can hear the bow biting the strings.
And I replaced the tympani completely… because either the mic setting was bad, or the player had super soft mallets… and I think this piece needs really sharp sounds in the tympani.