Month: July 2012

Bent and Broken

Not so much a piece of music as it is a soundscape. Made with “The Giant” piano instrument and “Damage” as well as a few things from “Stormdrum 2”. Bent and Broken


This is an abnormal usage for the autoharp. I got this one in a sample pack from cinesamples. Quite a delight to work with this instrument. Simple, oddly asynchronous piece where the percussion and melody get along, but in an

Вы говорите по русский?

Here is a handy translation for you. музыка из incompetech по русский!


Okay, it SAYS piano, pipe organ, and violins – but it doesn’t sound like that. And it SAYS somber, but it isn’t really. What this is – is a really powerful piece. Lithium

Moon Lounge Omicron Prime

So… the mellotron. The bass is a pitch-shifted mellotron, and it is AWESOME. Perfect for your next cocktail party… in SPACE! Moon Lounge Omicron Prime

Least Commercially Successful Pieces

I did some database poking today and found about 20 pieces of music that no one wants. Most of them I can understand, and they will be moved into the Public Domain. Four of them however, I really like… Problem