Least Commercially Successful Pieces

I did some database poking today and found about 20 pieces of music that no one wants.
Most of them I can understand, and they will be moved into the Public Domain.
Four of them however, I really like… Problem is no one else seems to like them.
Maybe the descriptions are wrong, maybe they are tagged wrong… I just don’t know.
Allow me to reintroduce to you “Four of my Favorite Pieces that No One Else Seems to Want”!
I wrote this at the same time that I wrote the very popular “Five Armies” piece. I think it is every bit as epic – though a bit difficult to get into.
Why is it unpopular? Possibly because I describe it as “actively painful”. That is not a bad thing, people!
Music to Delight
This piece has the distinction of being the most listened to piece in my personal iTunes database. Yes. This one. I listen on repeat… a lot. Why does no one like this? I cannot fathom, except that I might be insane.
Industrial Music Box and Industrial Revolution
These are again both very interesting… maybe people are scared off by the word “industrial”? It is NOT industrial music in the sense of the genre, it is industrial in the sense that they are made from machines and clockworks.