Day of Debugging!

As the DNS continues to propagate across the vasts of the internets, I’m following the error logs and smashing the bugs as they come up! I thought I had everything fixed before I opened the server, clearly this is not the case. so…

Phase One: Repair all of the server errors. These are the things that prevent you from doing the things you want to do. Usually it is fixing paths to libraries that result in 500 Server Errors.

Phase Two: Patch up links. These result in missing images and links to files that don’t exist. I won’t get all of them today (due to MovableType/Wordpress differences), but I’ll get most.

Phase Three: Yeah, probably no Phase Three today.

[EDIT] Oh! Need to get the new Preview Player with better HTML5 support working, so you can browse on your mobile devices! This will still probably not happen today.

[UPDATE] Three hours later, and I think all the server errors are sorted. I also fixed some errors that have been around for… um… years.
Moving to Phase Two!


Looks like over 99% of hits are coming in on the new server, and my email is looking splendid! As of right now there are about 200 people using the site, and it is quite happy. So super thanks to Urgo over at Social Blade for all his server help in this move. Big things are coming, everyone! big things indeed!