The Harry Fox Agency and the Public Domain

Okay, everyone – check your videos!

I just got off the phone with the Harry Fox Agency. We have a working plan to get things straight for the future!

If you have had a claim against your YouTube videos from the HFA while using my music, please email me the link to the video (subject line HFA).
It does not matter if you contested the claim or if the claim is still active.

These are some known pieces they have claimed, but there may be others.
– Also Sprach Zarathustra
– Cello Suite #1 in G
– Sheep May Safely Graze
– Wagner Bridal Chorus
– Egmont Overture
– In the Hall of the Mountain King

Alternately, if you are a YouTube searching God – and you can find examples of these claims on something that is not your video, that would also be wonderful!
I only need three or four examples per piece, but I’ll take all you can find.

After we get all of this sorted out, I’ll start working on “Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society”.

Thanks everyone!

– Kevin