Month: March 2013

Call to Adventure!

This is my big piece for this month… and now I need to rest. :-) The Soundcloud preview: (WAV format downloads to the first 100 people) The YouTube video, Note by Note: And – the incompetech mp3 download link. Cheers

New work in the Public Domain

Piece for Two Fingers. Download it from Soundcloud. For free. and for Free. —- So what is this? It is something simple. A piece of music that you can play with two fingers. Any two fingers. (they do need to

Inner Light

Inner Light This piece came out of a late night discussion with the incomparable Preston aka BigD Gaming*. Well, it was late night for me… in Australia is was… tomorrow, I think. *”Preston” does not begin with a “d”, big

Work in Progress

I don’t have much to share right now (due to people hiring me for things) – but I’m working on a new piece, and I figured I would share the work in progress. She has a long way to go

Egg’s Guide Part 9

These guys are quick. I just finished the score yesterday! Enjoy!