Month: September 2013

Album Review – Fake the Bitters

The first album from 8bit Betty in many many years. Before I get into the analysis of this, a bit of background on the production techniques used here. This is an entire album built with a technique called “Fake bit”.

Ashton Manor

So you’re doing a british-style drama and need an opening theme, huh? I got ya! I did this on spec for someone who didn’t hire me… so I cleaned it up to give to everyone! Enjoy. Download here: Ashton Manor

Chaos Series

I’ve been promising people some chill haunting music for a while, and tonight, you get it! Day of Chaos Evening of Chaos Night of Chaos When you’re scoring horror, it is important to put the bits exactly where they need

Lost Frontier

Here’s a piece I did recently as a proof of concept for a video game. Beautiful slow strings, with just a bit of interest every now and again. Purchase a giant download of all the individual uncompressed parts. Download the

Tempting Secrets

Using the beautiful new flute samples from 8Dio. (their site is a horrible, horrible experience – but their instruments are fantastic!) I originally wrote this piece for Alto Flute, but the new virtual instrument was so compelling, I had to

Demystifying the YouTube Claims Process

I usually make cartoons for this sort of thing, but there is no time! I’ve been getting a pile of emails every day about false claims in the ContentID process on YouTube. I wrote this article to help everyone understand