Month: November 2013

Fun in a Bottle!

Peppy piano piece that has a tinge of darkness, but is always happy! An uncompressed version of this piece in nine different forms at 2 different tempos on 3 different pianos is available! There is actually sheet music available for

Dream Culture

Watch the notes here: Watch the waveform here: Download the uncompressed version with bonus material here: Buy Now. Learn more, download mp3, and get more info for crediting here: Dream Culture.

Vikingeborgen (The Viking Fortress)

It does have English subtitles for if you’re not Danish. Great little documentary. Great uses of music.

Son of a Rocket

Dancy-trancy, peppy chill. Good start, but I’m bad at poems. Take a listen, and if you need more of this one, you can get the uncompressed version with a bunch of tempo and cut variations here for just $5.65. Or