Ambient Super Packs COMBINE!

Three new giant downloads are available for purchase…

Ambient Super Pack 1
Peace of Mind – 36 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1200099 )
Ambiment – 23 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1100630)
Drone in D – 21 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1200044)
Music for Manatees – 18 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1400009)
The Epic Chill – 31 minutes (Exclusive!)

Ambient Super Pack 2
Organic Meditations One – 16 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1100760)
Organic Meditations Two – 16 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1100758)
Organic Meditations Three – 16 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1100758)
Almost in F – 33 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1100394)
Perspectives – 12 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1300027)
Wood and Metal and Water – 49 minutes (Exclusive!)

Ambient Super Pack 3
Fluidscape 30 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1100393)
White Lotus – 35 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1300044)
Tranquility – 16 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1100581)
Wisps of Whorls – 14 minutes (ISRC: USUAN1200082)
Earth and Wind – 29 minutes (Exclusive!)
Medium – 18 minutes (Exclusive!)

All three of these are available in one Mega Ambient Pack!
Yeah, almost SEVEN HOURS of uncompressed goodness for like $10… or whatever. Super duper deal!

For the next week or so, you can enter the coupon code “9P42M098” and get the Mega Ambient Pack for LESS THAN $10. (you don’t need to use the coupon code if you really love me. :-)